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How it works

TeamworkBuzz makes employees feel valued every day. Team members can publicly express their appreciation to colleagues or give a private feedback by adding comments and bonus points. Points collected can be exchanged for rewards. TeamworkBuzz has a positive impact on employees engagement and helps to make your company a great place to work.



Configure recognition badges, notifications and rewards to your organization needs.



Appreciate others by giving recognition badges with bonus points.



Collected points can be exchanged for custom rewards. Rewards module is optional.

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Build engaged teams

Create a culture where people will feel appreciated for their work. Make your manager’s or co-worker's appreciation fun. Engage and build a stronger relationships in teams.


Instant and public recognition

Recognition expressed immediately has a greater impact than the feedback given on cyclical employee appraisals. Appreciation is public, visible to the everyone in your organisation, what boosts the positive impact.


Discover hidden talents

Learn more about employees' strengths and discover hidden talents. Knowledge of an employee's skills is passed on by everyone in the company who works directly with the employee.


Reward engagement

Give bonuses that are a real reflection of the employee's influence on the company. Every person in the company by appreciating others decides when rewards can be given.


"TeamworkBuzz supports in expressing appreciation for daily achievements, big and small. This is especially important when it comes to creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels that his or her involvement has a grate impact on the success of the whole team."

Karolina Woroniecka

Recruitment Specialist at Connectmedica


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